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Our school offers a wide variety of options regarding accommodation, from living with an Argentinean family, to the friendly atmosphere of a university residence or the independence of a flat or hotel.
Our students are, of course, free to look for accommodation by themselves if they so desire.

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Argentinean Families

This is perhaps the most ideal option for achieving a complete linguistic and cultural immersion. Certainly, some flexibility will always be necessary in order to get used to Argentinean customs and way of life.

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Lodgings offered to study in the Argentinean

Host families have been very carefully selected and CELEC does a periodic follow-up to make sure that students do not have any problems during their stay. These are middle-class families whose homes are close to our school or within easy reach using public transportation.

The student will have his/her own room and will share bathroom and kitchen with the rest of the family. In addition two meals a day are included, usually breakfast and dinner; however there is always the option for the student to buy food and prepare his/her own meals.

Student Residency

This option gives the student some more independence but also gives theme the chance to meet young Argentinean students. The apartments are fully equipped and furnished, and include a bathroom, kitchenette with a small fridge and microwave. They can be shared with another student if so desired. It does not include meals. The residencyExternal linkalso has a swimming pool, a basketball court, paddle courts, a study room and a lundry room.


If you are looking for comfort, privacy and independence maybe your best choice is an apartment or apart hotel with private room and bathroom. These facilities have cleaning service, AC, sauna, Jacuzzi and gym. Breakfast is included.


There is also the option of booking rooms in hotels (from two to five stars) depending on the student’s choice.

Social Activities

Many of these are included in the price of the full-immersion course but can also be requested separately when in enrolling in a different course.
During the week students may combine the intensive Spanish courses with a wide variety of activities that can be done in the city and neighboring areas.

Social Activities (Yoga, solarium, sauna)For those who take the full immersion course, our school offers an exclusive mentoring system that consists in the selection of a person that suits the student characteristics. This person will be in charge of accompanying the students during their stay, helping him/her to orientate around, offering different leisure activities and working as a link with other people form Cordoba.

There is also the option of taking tango lessons. Besides this activity, students can go to tango shows or to milongas (tango dancing clubs).

Free access to a Sport Club is one of the great advantages of our full immersion program. Tha Sports Club has sauna, solarium, gym classes, yoga classes among other things. During their stay the students will have free access to all the services provided by the Sports Club not only for relaxing and entertainment purposes, but also as an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with Argentine people of all ages.

During the weekends students will have a chance to rest and enjoy Cordoba city and its neighbouring areas. Full immersion program includes two trips to the sierras (mountains)

On one hand, there is the option of a day in the countryside in an “Estancia”, on which you can enjoy different outdoor activities: horseback rides, trekking, typical food, etc.

On the other hand, students will visit the Quebrada de los Condoritos (Condors’ Ravine) National Park link extreno, located at 2,500 meters. It is a big flora and fauna reserve and one of the few places in South America for condor sighting.

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