Intership Programs in Spanish (Argentina)
Learn and practice Spanish


Celec gives you the opportunity to do an internship at national and international companies/organizations established in Cordoba /Argentina.

Internship Programs

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Internship Programs in Córdoba - Argentina

Our internships will allow you to

  • Acquire work experience in your chosen field
  • Get insight into the local culture
  • Get involved in a working environment

And of course, learn and practice Spanish!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by internship?
Why Celec?
What are the requirements to sign up?
How to enrol?

What do we mean by internship?

An internship is a learning experience to be developed at a professional setting, for a limited period of time. Interns do not get paid under this type of program. This program benefits not only the intern but also the receiving company/organization: on one hand, you will gain confidence, training, new/specific knowledge through your participation, besides job experience; on the other hand, Internship programsthe company will be enriched by the contribution of experience and knowledge brought from other latitudes.

Why Celec?

We carefully select the companies/organizations in order to match both the intern’s and employer’s interests. Celec is also in charge of the placement, presentation and follow-up with the intern.

Internships include an orientation before the actual experience starts. In order to have a rewarding experience, it is very important and necessary to be aware of the whole context in which you will be working. That is why we include in the program specific classes (introducing the student to historic, economic and social situation in Argentina), besides a personalized follow-up during the experience and the corresponding work accident insurance required by the different companies.

Our personalized attention and constant collaboration enable interns to have a full enriching experience, enhancing your skills and knowledge. The program gives a good platform to improve your Spanish and get involved in our local culture.


2 months (minimum)
6 months (maximum)

We believe that 8 weeks is the minimum amount of time needed to adapt to a new socio-cultural environment and experience a genuine work immersion.

What are the requirements to sign up?

  • To be over 18
  • To be willing and able to adapt to a new environment.
  • Minimum experience or studies related to the field of work requested.
  • The level of Spanish required depends on the chosen program. If you opt for our Full Internship Program, you will be able to reach the Spanish level needed. In any case, the level of command of Spanish will be tested through a diagnostic exam and an interview.

How to enrol?

Contact Us

  • Our staff will be constantly in touch in order to find you a suitable placement as well as give advice or guidance, if needed.
  • If you have not yet decided in which field you would like to work in, orientation -according to your personal profile- is available.
  • In both programs (Internships Full or Basic Program) a phone/online interview is required. Throughout our enrolment process we aim to get to know the participant better, in order to find an internship placement that suits your interests and goals.
Internship Programs in Argentina


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