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Pictures of Córdoba City

Pictures of Córdoba City
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Argentina is a country located at the South of Latin America, something that makes it very peculiar among Spanish speaking countries.

This is the world’s eighth largest country, and Latin America’s second largest. Its people are in many ways very different to other Latin American countries. Argentina received a large wave of European immigration between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. The people who settled in our country during this Fotos de actividades doportivas (mountain bike, treeking, windsurf)time greatly impacted modern Argentine culture, defining the character and identity of its people. There is also a large and stable middle class, a fact that determines most of the country living standards.

Argentina is known throughout the world for football (soccer), tango and gauchos; nevertheless, natural beauty is the main attraction for most visitors. The wide variety of climates and landscapes offers travellers the opportunity to visit all continents in just one country.

Cordoba is a province (state) located at the very geographic heart of Argentina and at the middle of the “Interoceanic corridor” that runs from Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile.
With a landscape combining mountains, grassland, rivers and lakes, along with a good infrastructure, Cordoba opens up for the visitor endless possibilities for leisure activities. Our province guarantees that all who visit take with them an everlasting impression of their time here.

Cordoba is both history and progress: it is history in its churches, museums and Jesuit Estancias, declared Cultural Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO, and it is progress in its factories, dams and modern buildings, all blended in a unique landscape blessed by a warm and pleasant weather.

Cordoba is a picturesque city of one and a half million inhabitants that merges colonial heritage with the modernity of avenues and buildings.

During the Spanish colonial period and previous to the economic growth of Buenos Aires, Cordoba was the artistic and academic center of the southern part of the continent. Known as the “Docta” (the Literate), it was a city of students and priests, of universities, schools and churches. Nowadays its National University, the first in South America, is still very prestigious, and attracts students from all Argentina and neighboring countries. It has an average of 115.000 students a year. It is therefore a gracious and lively city, something reflected on its night life and the array of cultural activities.

Due to its proximity to the mountains, it is an excellent base for organizing excursions to the surrounding natural beauty, some of which is just a few kilometers away from town. For those that love nature, ecotourism will give them a chance to enjoy trail walks, photographic safaris, and horse rides. For those who prefer risk and adrenaline there is adventure tourism at hand, providing 4x4 rides, gliding, windsurf, rappel and rock climbing, among others.

Besides the cultural background and the economic development, the city’s main treasure is its people’s hospitality and open-minded attitude, always willing to help the visitor.

As the second city in the country, it combines the activities of a metropolis with the tranquillity and stability of a town, making it a city in which living is very easy and enjoyable, an excellent choice for cultural exchange.


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Today's Weather for Córdoba
Today's Weather for Córdoba
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