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CELEC gives you the opportunity to combine community service/volunteer work while learning and practicing Spanish, as well as immersing yourself in Argentinean culture in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

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Volunteer Work Program

In order to develop this program, Celec has become affiliated with various organizations that tackle different aspects of social problems. In this way, participants are able to take part in and experience long-term projects that are already underway.

Celec has two options:
1) Volunteer Work /Community Service Full Program. more info
2) Volunteer Work / Community Service Basic Program. more info

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do we mean by volunteer work/community service?
Q: Who can participate?
Q: Why Celec?
Q: Why Argentina?
Q: Why Córdoba?
Q: What are the requirements to sign up?

1) Volunteer Work/Community Service Full Program intends to fulfil most of our participant’s needs. It includes a Spanish Course, high standard accommodation and recreational activities. Contact us for further information.

2) Volunteer Work/Community Service Basic Program has been arranged for those who already have an intermediate/advanced level of Spanish and only wish to apply to Celec’s internships service during their stay. Contact us for further information.

What do we mean by community service/volunteer work?

We believe that a volunteer is someone who, on his/her own free will and with no financial interest, commits to a social activity for the community’s benefit. Volunteering is a social practice that involves an active participation in a non-for-profit organization. This implies: Social Working

  • A reflective, well-thought-out decision
  • A working methodology
  • Social responsibility and commitment
  • Persistence
  • Having as a goal to benefit the community

Who can participate?

Young people are not the only ones who can get involved in this experience. Adults and families who are interested in Argentina’s social situation can also sign up for our volunteer program.

Celec offers a wide variety of activities that can be pursued. Therefore, requirements differ according to the activity.


Our goal is to facilitate an experience that is mutually beneficial for the participant and the non-profit organizations and communities we work with. With specific regard to the student participant, we aim to:

  • Provide him or her with some practical and theoretical knowledge of our complex day-to-day reality.
  • Allow the participant to gain practical experience according to his/her personal interests and expectations.
  • Enable the participant to have a fulfilling experience by helping him/her to understand cultural diversity by experiencing it.     
  • The program includes an orientation before the actual experience starts. Students will be introduced to historic, economic and social situation in Argentina. Personalized orientation and follow-up during the experience is also included.

Why Argentina?

Argentina used to be a nation that stood out in Latin America for being a country with a large middle class who had access to health and educational services. During the last decades, as a result of misdirected policies and corruption, our country has suffered many economic crises which have deteriorated its population’s quality of life. This long process of economic and social deterioration ended up with an even sharper crisis in 2001 that left the nation on the edge of social, economical and institutional break up.

The current structural crisis in Argentina has brought about a large part of the population which became socially excluded (many people with unsatisfied basic needs, unemployment, malnutrition, etc.) and poor health and educational public services. 

Due to the government’s absence considering the development of social policies, the non-for profit organizations are trying to fulfill some of the population’s needs. Their projects are aimed for the social inclusion of the needy, through actions related to education, health, social promotion and others. 

Why Córdoba?

The city of Cordoba has developed a wide range of social organizations, which have projects financed by both national and international foundations. These projects deal with different social features:

  • Health (Reproductive health, Nutrition, Early Stimulation, Handicapped, etc.) 
  • Education (Children Education, Adults Education, Special education, etc.)
  • Citizenship and Human Rights (Children Rights, Women Rights, Promotion of Social Movements, etc.)
  • Environmental Protection (Building of Ecological Houses, Nature Reserve’s Protection, etc.).


  • To be over 18
  • To be willing and able to adapt to a new environment.
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish language (if the student does not have this required Spanish level, he/she would be a volunteer observer until a basic level is acquired).


  • Minimum length of volunteer work: 2 months
  • Maximum length of volunteer work: 6 months

How to enroll?

  • Our staff will be constantly in touch in order to find you a suitable placement as well as give advice or guidance, if needed.

When all needed requirements are met the student must have an on-line/phone interview with the area coordinator.

Volunteer Work in Argentina Volunteer Work in Argentina
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